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Feedback and Comments - Scoll down to see 2016 Comments


Many thanks for another great evening and for such a deserving cause
Kath & John Allen

A lovely well organised evening with a good atmosphere and lovely friends. We danced the night away and ached for the whole of the next day !! We look forward to supporting a very worthwhile cause again next year. Thank you very much. x.
Mr & Mrs A. Talbot


What a fabulous evening! Thank you so much. I always wanted to go to a masked ball! Please do it all again x
Kimberley and Ben Harman - Grove Farm


It was a lovely evening with a great atmosphere. The masks made for an unusual event. The organisation made for a very enjoyable time.
Jane Hoare


Brilliant! Well done Hannah, it was a night you should be extremely proud of. Great atmosphere, great company and what a terrific band, we are still exhausted! Thank you so much, we had a fantastic time.
Matt and Alison Lorimer


Well done, Hannah, Anne & everyone involved! Yet another fantastic evening, wonderful entertainment, charming company, delicious food and plenty of drink. A real credit to your enthusiasm and organisation for this extremely worthwhile cause. Three cheers for Ruby's Summer Ball and may there be many many more. X
Robert & Jakki


Hannah and Philip .... It truly was an enjoyable evening!! We shall certainly be supporting future events...... Marvelous fun! Thank you.... My feet still hurt from all that grooving to a blooming good band!
Roch and Steve Chisholm-Renals - Ballspond Farm


An absolutely fantastic evening... great entertainment, food, drink and company. We really enjoyed ourselves and the evening flew by. A huge "Well Done" to all involved. We would definitely go to your next one.
Karen and Paul Quilter . St. Leonards


We had a great time.. thank you.. we think that you may keep people more interested in another Ball if it were held biannually... but we will be there whenever it is!


What an amazing event! Everyone worked so hard to make it a success- and a success it was! Great people, great atmosphere, great time! Looking forward to next year.
Malcolm Langton - MW Kellogg


We had a FANTASTIC trime - best ball we have been to in a very long time. Atmosphere was great, in fact it was all great. I'd say ANNUALLY, BI-ANNUALLY and you run the risk of losing your audience and having to start fresh each time - ANNUALLY and its a date to look forward to every year - BUT you know yourselves its a lot of organising.... either way we will definately be at the next one. Cant wait ;)
Michael & Sarah Marks


This was my first time to a "ball" and what a ball I had. The event was incredibly well run and I had a lot of fun. It was good to hear that the money raised from last year was put to good use and already having a beneficial results. Looking forward to next year
Keifer Derrin - MW Kellogg


I had such a brilliant evening - mouth still recovering from the permanent grin, company great, food great, music great, atmosphere great can't think of a single way to improve on it - fantastic - next year please ! Think Ann and Hannah dot com should start an event management business !
Julie Dewar

2016 Ball

Wonderful evening, great atmosphere and company. Loved the band,the food and everything else. Can't wait to join you again. Thank you for your hard work and efforts. Great to see such a fantastic amount raised for a really good cause. Jane.x
Jane Adams



We really enjoyed it too. I liked the theme, the food was far better than at Pendley Xmas parties and there was no hint of anyone holding back on the champagne or free bar. How you made that much is amazing. 


Jane X 


It was a fantastic night,  superbly organised and such fun.

Great to hear it raised so much - well done. 

And relax. ..

Debs and Matt


Really enjoyed it too!!!  Thanks for organising such an amazing evening and nice to know my hangover was for a good cause too!!!!  



Ta everyone and congrats for an abfab night... still recovering......


Geoff Head


What an amazing total for a deserving charity. We so enjoyed a wonderful evening, well done for arranging such a successful night! 

Louise and Steve X 

Wow that is fantastic!!  And a superbly organized event it was!!

I'll pass it along to M&D.