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The scanning equipment in use in most hospitals at the time of Ruby's death was designed for adult brains.
When used to scan the brains of children or babies, the more intricate detail is not picked up and the clarity of the scan is reduced.

In 2008 we held a Mid Summer Charity Ball in Memory of Ruby Ann and we raised a fantastic amount for this little known and supported Charity. The funds we raised bought much needed and very expensive software which could be programmed into the scanner which gave a much clearer and enhanced image. Enabling the team to diagnose problems in children, babies and adults early and also to assist during any subsequent surgery that may be required.

The images below show two scans before the new software was installed and the same scans taken with the new software.


Scan No 1. be...

Scan No 1. af...

Scan No 2. be...

Scan No 2. af...

Within the first months of this software being installed the lives of 2 young babies were saved through early diagnosis and successful operation.

In 2009 we held another Ball and Prof Dr J J Bhattachryya and his wife came down from Glasgow to join us for the evening. He spoke after the dinner and told everyone of the success of the software and that two days prior to the ball he had a 4-week old baby sent to him, whose life he hoped to save from early detection of this condition.

We again raised a fantastic amount on that evening.

In total we have raised over £150,000 so far

We wish to continue to support this lesser known charity, as naturally it is particularly close to our hearts.
To this end we are holding our fourth-Summer’s Eve Ball on 11th June 2016.

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From: Joti Johnaton Bhattacharya
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Sent: Wednesday, 24 June, 2009 11:09:47 PM
Subject: Re: 'Rubys Summer Ball 2009'

Dear Hannah, Anne and Phil,

I just wanted to thank you once again for your fantastic fundraising skills and for hosting such an amazing ball. Ailsa and I very much enjoyed meeting you all and had a great time.

Since we were there, we have just had another vein of Galen baby transferred up to us from University College Hospital in London. He will be the second baby (4 days old now) to benefit from your work.

Thank you,

Jo and Ailsa
Prof Dr JJ Bhattacharya
Consultant Neuroradiologist,
Institute of Neurological Sciences,
Southern General Hospital,
Glasgow G51 4TF, UK, and
Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Glasgow, UK
Royal College of Radiologists, Sir Howard Middlemiss Travelling Professor
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